• Waymarker Sour Series - Pina Colada


    Hot summer days poolside, lakeside or on the beach, or simply enjoying good company. Roasted pineapple & toasted coconut combine with a higher ABV to reflect the cocktail. Enjoy the flavour of Hot Beer Summer.

  • Barn Light Lime - Lager


    Old school meets new school. Our classic easy drinking lager is sun-kissed with fresh lime juice and zest. A perfect thirst quencher for hot days and porch hangs.

  • Unicorn Country - NEIPA


    Rampant with hop flavour and brimming with power & purity. An innovative appraoch using history as a foundation makes this fermented water more than just palatable, it's the lions natural enemy. Legendary.

    Hops: Galaxy Spectrum, Topaz

  • Wallace's Revenge - NEIPA


    Our flagship beer is neither sweet nor bitter, neither aggressive or nor timid. It is a mouthful of fruit flavour and aroma balancing in a harmony or juicy haze.

    Hops: Sabro, Motueka

  • Go Lassie Go - Mango Milkshake IPA


    The summertime has come, and the trees are sweetly blooming. We will all go together, around the blooming Heather. Will you range the glen and dale for wild mango, hops and lemongrass? Will you Go Lassie Go?

    Hops: HBC 630 & 1019

  • Quiet Little Voices - DIPA


    Quiet words of wisdom confronting the challenges of our past. Echoes of division are transformed into harmonious rhythms of progress. African Queen, I’ll fall for you.

    Hops: African Queen Southern Passion XJA2/436

  • Sweet Tease - Sour


    Southern Hospitality dictates that Sweet Tea is served on all days that end in Y and on fresh lemonade when the sun shines. Combine Sweet Tea with Lemonade and you will have a refreshingly sweet and sour beverage rooted in tradition.

  • Good Soup - Fogorig x All My Friends IPA


    Good Soup is familiar and warm; fulfilling yet sparse; a reminder of home and the reason to explore. Sometimes our differences are our greatest strength. Here's to Good Soup and Good Friends.

    Hops: Citra Spectrum & Luminosa